Learn where your sewer lines are in Grand Junction or Silt, CO

Need Help Finding Your Utility Lines?

Knowing exactly where your sewer lines sit is essential when your pipes clog or break. To complete your future utility line installations, repairs or replacements more efficiently, schedule sewer line locating services from Elite Plumbing & Drains, LLC.

Our crew will use cameras to send a signal throughout your pipes. This signal will be traced back to our handheld locator, and we'll be able to see exactly where and how deep your lines are.

To schedule sewer line locating services in Silt and Grand Junction, CO and the surrounding areas, call 970-985-4103 now.

Be prepared for pipe problems

Your pipes can be damaged when:

  • An excavator digs too deep
  • Roots infiltrate your sewer pipes
  • The soil around your pipes settles
If your sewer lines break down, make sure you know where they are. Schedule thorough line locating services.